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The Bellieu Method Spanish Fluency Program

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Fluency-Focused Spanish Classes for Kids 

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The Bellieu Method Spanish Fluency Program

Our program incorporates short stories written specifically for young Spanish learners, targeted question/answer games, music movement exercises, and context-driven experiences like shopping or making art. Our team has spent the last 10 years in the field of language acquisition with young learners, developing a method that TRULY works to get kids confidently speaking Spanish from lesson 1.  TruFluency KIDS begins to train your child's ear to the sounds of different languages and forms the mouth to produce native pronunciation at a young age. 

We get your kids SPEAKING. #DontWaitGetfluent

“My child is in dual language, and after just 5 weeks in TruFluency Kids Spanish classes, I can see a real difference in his speaking. He is getting much more confident in these smaller conversation classes. Thank you for having the vision and fortitude to move forward with such a great program. We are reaping the benefits for sure!” - Brooke Puchi, Parent at Lakewood Elementary, Dallas, TX

TruFluency Kids

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